South Pasadena

South Pasadena is located in a prime area of Southern California.  This unique city is located in the West San Gabriel Valley and is known for it’s historic California Craftsman-style homes and tree lined streets. The city prides itself on the numerous species of native California trees that grow here and it is a popular site for location filming. Real estate in South Pasadena is very desirable because of its proximity to Downtown Los Angeles, small town atmosphere, it’s active Parks and Recreation program,  and its outstanding Blue Ribbon public schools.

South Pasadena is famed for its architectural landscape, having representations from many famed architects. While driving throughout the neighborhoods of South Pasadena one will witness the beautifully maintained natural landscapes that add to the distinctive historic character of this small town atmosphere. The city of South Pasadena is dedicated to preserve the historic character of its real estate by harmonizing physical change to its unique small town atmosphere. Promoting this harmony also preserves the property values of the city and enriches the local economy.

“Downtown South Pas” is the city of South Pasadena’s latest effort to enhance and expand community life within South Pasadena. The community plans on transforming the downtown area into a more economically viable and vibrant location. It will be a well-planned effort to preserve and encourage productive uses of the down town area. The revitalization of this area is expected to preserve property values and promote tourism. The city will integrate into their plans ways of preserving and maintaining sites, structures and neighborhoods as a reminder of the cities historic character.

Yes, South Pasadena has many positive reasons that make it a most desirable place to live and work.

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