Montecito Heights

If you haven’t gathered it by now, I love the hills.  They provide such a rustic retreat away from the city – and yet are so close.

Montecito Heights is no different.  Directly east of Mount Washington off the 110 Fwy, this petite area of lush hillsides is another affordable option if you’re looking for a “rustic haven” in the city.   As with other neighborhoods of this area, Montecito Heights has attracted artists, visionaries and literati for centuries.

Central to just about everything and known by the residents as the ‘Wilderness in the City’ Montecito Heights sits atop the Monterey Hills that divide the Los Angeles Basin from the San Gabriel Valley. Montecito Heights is a relatively isolated area of greenery and trendy resident home restorers. Some of the city’s most spectacular views are available on the district’s hills. Along with neighboring Highland Park and Pasadena, it is one of the historic centers of the Arts and Crafts movement.


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