Highland Park

This hidden gem of Los Angeles is nestled along the arroyo among rolling hills and lush foliage.  With it’s beautiful topography many homes enjoy a rustic, natural setting with wonderful views.  A burgeoning and historic neighborhood, it’s ideal location provides easy access to Downtown LA, Pasadena, the Valley, Hollywood and other key locations. The Highland Park Metro Gold Line station provides residents with an “eco” friendly travel alternative. With all these modern conveniences, Highland Park maintains a friendly, hometown neighborhood feel.

“York Village” as with much of Highland Park, is blossoming with new shops, eateries, boutiques and cafes that have caught the attention of many including the New York Time where it was touted as the “New LA Cultural District” (see article below).

One of the oldest settled areas of Los Angeles, Highland Park is also one of the most scenic due to its architecture and geographic location between the Mt. Washington hills, the San Rafael hills and the Monterey Hills. There are large sprawling parks in the area. Art and architecture have flourished in the City of Highland Park since its beginnings in the 1880s along the Arroyo Seco.  Today the community, home to about 66,000,  remains deeply rooted in the arts, houses many art galleries and one of the oldest operating Stain Glass Studios.  Highland Park has a diverse collection of historic homes including more than 50 designated as historic cultural monuments. Every popular Southern California architectural style from the late 1880s to the 1940s is represented in Highland Park, from Queen Anne Victorian and Craftsman to Mission and Tudor Revival. Highland Park also has many transitional-style homes that blend elements from more than one period. Highland Park has eight elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

Highland Park continues to attract many home buyers seeking character, affordable homes in a diverse and community oriented neighborhood.  With many homes having been restored in the past few year, property values have been appreciating.  Highland Park real estate remains a prime target for astute investors and home buyers looking to get more home for their money.

Scenes from Highland Park: 

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