Downtown LA

Wow!  Talk about revitalization.  When I worked in Downtown LA back in the late 80’s, no one slept there.  It was packed in the daytime with commuters, and vacated at night when we all went home.  Weekends it was a ghost town.

Infused with new energy (day and night), Downtown is once again a vibrant area with an artsy yet cosmopolitan feel.  From LA Live (which I call our “mini” Times Square) to the Arts District, Downtown LA is thriving and offers a plethora of entertainment and living options.  Whether you prefer a luxury high-rise, a stylish loft, or the vibe of restored historic building, you’ll find it here.

The reviving is ongoing.  One Sante Fe, which is proposed to have a community arts center and a theatre, is underway and is expected to be a catalyst in breathing new life  into the Arts District.  Projects such as Bringing Back Broadway and The Grand Avenue Development have been in the works for a while and despite their delays, Downtown’s renaissance continues.

History, architecture, arts, culture, entertainment and more.  Downtown LA is now an exciting alternative for those seeking an urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Below are some links to Downtown LA happenings:


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