My greatest reward

HomeHi Adeline,

6 months of buying a house, after a long ups and downs on this journey, finally I’ve come to the new start with much help from people like you. Thank you so much for making this possible.

Thank you especially for your patience with me who has a difficult time trusting people after many unfortunate experiences. You have been sensitive to my wounds and truly been there for me from the start to the end working for me and working with me. 

 Read the official review below (posted on Zillow – link provided)

I bought a house two times and sold one time. Adeline Ramirez is the best real estate agent I’ve met. She is experienced, honest and with integrity. Although, Ms. Ramirez was my buyer’s agent, I learned much about seller’s right, that I was not informed when I was a seller previously, and buyer’s right as well. During the whole time looking around for houses and buying a house, Ms. Ramirez was courteous and responsive with her real estate knowledge which was so helpful and was explained to me with much patience all times. She would take time to research for the right answer and then get back to with a correct information if there was any uncertainty. She never tried to influence me to purchase with a sales talk. When I was having a difficult time making a decision, she advised me by saying “you must make a decision that is only right for you no one else”. I’ve seen numerous ads stating “working for you”, but she truly is the only one I’ve come across.

I was certain that I was well protected, informed , and guided. I was never asked by Ms. Ramires to write a review. But, I am so grateful that I have to share it on Zillow and for other people who are looking for an experienced honest agent. I’ve learned painfully how important it is to take time in order to find a right agent, especially an listing agent. Buying/selling a house isn’t simple thing like other items. After my recent two transaction selling and buying, although there are many on the check-list, I feel the agent’s honesty is more important than anything else.


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